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Bethany Institute - Think Tank of the Catholiq High IQ Society

Bethany Institute, a part of the Catholiq High IQ Society, is a respected Think Tank comprising celebrated professionals within and outside the high IQ community, including subject matter experts and esteemed intellectuals.

Encouraging engaging discussions, introspection, and collaborative efforts to tackle global challenges, Bethany Institute embodies our commitment to intellectual revival. Its name pays homage to the biblical town where Lazarus was raised by Jesus, symbolizing profound insight and renewal within our community.

At its core, Bethany Institute adopts a unique approach involving periodic joint contemplation and announcements on specific topics. These discussions, shaped by Christian morality, aim to comprehensively address vital global issues by leveraging the collective wisdom of its esteemed members.

Bethany's profound deliberations aim not only to inform but also to illuminate and provoke deep contemplation about the intricate fabric of our world.

Organizational Structure Overview

(A full organizational scheme will be announced before Easter 2024.)

1. President and CEO

The President/CEO leads the organization, setting the overall vision and direction.

2. Board of Directors

Members represent various focus areas:

  • Social Justice
  • Ethics
  • Theology
  • Education
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Healthcare
  • Global Affairs

3. Research and Communication Team

Conducts studies aligned with each focus area. Shares findings and initiatives within their respective focused areas.