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May 8th 2017 - Web site launched

May 9th 2017 - First invitations sent

May 10th 2017 - Certificates will be sent to all members on June 4th

May 11th 2017 - Six Vice Presidents appointed to a duty

May 16th 2017 - Membership Officer Sandra Schlick, PhD appointed to a duty 

May 25th 2017 - Pre-alpha testing of Social Network and Web Shop started

May 28th 2017 - Admission Officer Ivan Ivec, PhD appointed to a duty

May 31th 2017 - Theology Officer Eick Sternhagen, PhD appointed to a duty

June 4th 2017 - Pentecost 2017 - Society is launched

June 13th 2017 - Subscriber membership available (non Christians or/and 147>I.Q.>130 SD 15)

August 29th 2019 - Deadline for submissions for Deus Vult - journal of Catholiq High I.Q. Society is set to November 1st 2019

October 31th 2019 - Associate membership available for those who participate in Deus Vult magazine

December 25th 2019 - First issue of Deus Vult is published

December 7th 2020 - Vice President Phillip Power appointed to a duty

December 7th 2020 - Vice President Kirk Raymond Butt appointed to a duty

December 7th 2020 - Reorganisation of Catholiq High IQ Society will take place in 2021

February 14th 2022 - Tests of Nikolaos Soulios are no longer accepted for admission (no exceptions!)

May 4th 2022 - Deus Vult, issue No.3. will be published on Pentecost 2022

May 24th 2022 - Vice President Edwin Christmann appointed to a duty

August 23rd 2023 - Deus Vult, issue No.4. will be published on Christmas 2023

January 6th 2024 - Epiphany: The Think Tank of Catholiq High IQ Society, named Bethany, is formed. A full organizational scheme will be announced before Easter 2024.