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Recommended Tests


1. Prize of the Beheaded Man by Paul Cooijmans: http://iq-tests-for-the-high-range.com/prize_behead.html - until December 21st 2025.

2. World I.Q. Challenge by Brennan Martin: http://www.worldiqchallenge.com/ - until perfect score is reached

New tests:

1. Numerus Strictus Logicae 36 by Andrei Udriste: http://nsl36.net

2. Magnum Opus by Brandon Feick: Link

Recommended tests:

1. Three Sonnets by Heinrich Siemens: http://tweeback.com/hriq/Three-Sonnets.pdf

2. Mathodica 22 by Mislav Predavec: http://news.generiq.net/Mathodica22/mathodica22.html

3. Verecenthon by Ivan Ivec: http://ivec.ultimaiq.net/vercent.htm

4. Labyrinthine LIMIT by Paul Cooijmans: http://iq-tests-for-the-high-range.com/labyrinthine_limit.html

5. LDA-SWaN by Gianluigi Lombardi: https://ldaswantest.wixsite.com/iqtest/

6. Challenger by Zoran Bijač: https://globeiq.net/challenger-2/

7. TetrastIQ Light by Gabriel Garofalo: https://tetrastiqlight.weebly.com/

8. DOT&LINE&PLANE by Tianxi Yu: http://www.chinahighiq.com/col.jsp?id=134

9. Death Figures by Tianxi Yu: http://www.chinahighiq.com/col.jsp?id=139

Practice tests:

1. IQ Test Prep: https://iqtestprep.com/

2. Wechsler IQ Test: https://wechsleriqtest.com/